The Reluctant Fundamentalist, book vs movie

The Reluctant Fundamentalist was first a book, but later they made it also into a movie. The book was published in 2007, by Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid. I liked the movie because I think it was more exciting than the book. The movie had more action in it, and also I thought it was easier to follow the story than the book. The film was smartly performed and works on its terms. Still, in expanding the story´s canvas, it dilutes rather than translates the power of the book.




The Reluctant Fundamentalist

So far, after reading 4 chapters of the book, I must say i like it. It was kind of confusing at the start with the whole monologue the book does. But after reading more and getting more into the book I get used to it.

Underwood Sam, the firm Changez works for, seems like a good firm. It gives the employees kind of a version of the American Dream, if they work hard they get rewarded. The employees travel across the world to offer services. Changez realizes that the other employees are kind of racist. When he grows out his beard he sees their formerly hidden racism very clearly.

“I was immediately a New Yorker.” made Changez feel like he finally fitted in after all the years he has been in America. And he felt that when he was in New York that his skin would always fall in the middle of the color spectrum. Tourists would ask him about directions as if he was one of the New Yorkers.

Erica is described as a smart and lovely young woman. She is smarter than the rest of the group. And as you kind of understand by the way Changez talks about her, she is very attractive as well.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

My impression of the story so far is that I am between both disliking the book and liking the book. My reasons for not liking the book so much is that it can be a bit confusing, and for me, it did not make much sense in the beginning.

When I was done reading chapter 2, I started to like the story, because it became a little bit more understanding and enjoyable when we got to know Erica. In addition, I feel like the author drops new hints for each chapter, so the more I read, the more the story makes sense to me. Some of the signs could be Changez=change, Erica=America, and Chris=Christen

I believe he said that he wanted to be the dictator of an Islamic republic because that is how many people stereotypes Muslims like him with long beards and so on. I think he was self-ironic, but at the same time, the thought hit me that it was partly a truth behind his words. The audience did not like the joke, and their reaction was silence, while Erica smiled at Changez.

The quote “I was immediately a New Yorker.” made him feel that he finally fitted in because he hades never felt that way in America in those four and a half year. I think he realized it when he was sitting in the car. He felt when he was in New York that his skin would always fall in the middle of the color spectrum and tourist would ask him for direction as he was one of the New Yorkers. I get the impression of company underwood sam that it is something that excites him just as much as New York.

Erica is described as a lovely young woman; she is smarter than the rest of the group. She is “so stunningly regal was she”. You can notice that she is an attractive girl by the way Changez talk about her.



The movie “Outsourced” is a movie made by John Jeffcoat and was published in 2009. In the film, we meet the main character, Todd. Who is an American seller that lost his job because the company was moved to India. The last task he gets is to learn an Indian worker to manage the company. That is a challenging task because of the culture different. We meet a lot of different cultures, between the American and the Indian culture.

Verbal communication is all types of discussion in the form of speaking and writing. When you meet people from a different land, who speak and write another language, it is hard not to have misunderstandings. For example, in the scene where Todd is going to learn the Indians how they can communicate better with the clients, Todd wants them to talk more like Americans, so the can sell the most. He tries to teach them an expression that is typical American.  The Indian people “reveals” them selfs easy, because of the unconscious and conscious characteristics of the Indian langue.


The Indians are very hospitable. Family plays an essential roll in their life, and it is important to take care of your mother and father. It is unusual for Todd that his associates ask about his private life, for Todd it is unnatural to mix private life and business. In one scene, Todd does not live in a hotel when he is in India but at home. One day the lady wants to introduce Todd to a young Indian woman, but he declines this offer because this  Indian woman thinks that Todd is gay.


We also got to see that in India they have different food rituals, which is different from the USA. For example, we see in the movie that Indian people eat their food whit their left hand because they wipe their butt with the right hand. People in India do not eat cow meat because the cow is holy and in the USA they eat it very often.


However, the biggest cultural difference is that in India it is common with an arranged marriage. Because Todd is formed another culture, he has an entirely different point of view than Asha. She has accepted the fact that she was engaged at the age of four and to a man that she was not in love with. From Todd’s culture, it is not normal.

Eventually, Todd accepts accepting and becomes part of the culture when he climbed over the wall and ate with the Indian Indian. An example from this is family at the end of the movie; we see Todd a part of the culture when he places sticks a symbol of the Hindus at one of his sculptures at home. The cultural differences between India and the USA are huge, and it takes time to learn a new culture. Todd started off as an ignorant, but changed at the end of the movie and became comfortable with the Indian culture because he finally adopted the Indian culture at the end.

-Tiril Ulvenes


The #MeToo campaign has been used in many countries. It has spread virally all over the world. It is a two Word hashtag used in social media in October 2017. It is about women that have got not denounce sexual attention and harassment.

The hashtag has used more den 200 000times, and 500 000 tweets. It has been used the most on Facebook. Over 4,7 million times. It is used to make awareness of sexual discrimination, so we can make a change and be more aware. The #MeToo creator is Tarana Burke; she initially criticized the movement for ignoring the work of black women in creating dialogue addressing sexual assault. However, she did salute those who partook in the movement and credited Milano for acknowledging Burke’s similar movement.

Gran Torino questions

Task 5.
I agree with the summary of the movie on the blog. The film shows us how it can be to live in a multicultural society. It shows us how strong some cultures are and it tells how human relations can develop over cultural boundaries. It shows in the movie when Walt become friends with the labor, and it shows us their high culture.


Task 2
The oppression we can see in the movie of the Hmong people is, for example, the neighborhood. It is an unfortunate condition in the streets, and the hoses are poor. Not everyone for instance Tho has money to go to school so he could get an education. Instead, Walt helps him get a job so he can earn money to help the family and go to college. The movie taught me about the Hmong people in the USA that they don’t snitch, they have gangs and are a very religious. They also are very grateful, and some are very kind.



“My son the fanatic” and “Free for all”

“My son the fanatic” and “Free for all” are two short stories that are similar stories, but still very different. The central message is the same, the message of these two stories are multiculturalism, but with two different scenarios.

The story “free for all” is about an immigrated family that is living in the United States. The story tells us about a boy that wants to play guitar; he has discolored jeans, long hair and his father is the total opposite. Father of the family is Dr. Naqvi; he’s a dressed up, wealthy and a physician. He wants his son to become a successful doctor or an engineer. That makes his father mad, and he decides to talk with him, but the son won’t lisen. The father becomes even madder and smacks his son in the face. The son called the police, and his father gets into a lot of trouble. He wants to give his son a lesson, so he travels with his howl family to their hometown, Karachi, and eminently when they arrive and steps out of the airplane he beats up his son. The son called for security, and they tell him to listen and respect his father.

The second story “My son the fanatic” is about another immigrated family that lived in England. There is a conflict between the father, Parvez, that is a taxi driver and his son Ali that was a successful boy. He had a lot of friends, a girlfriend and did great in school. In the story, it is a conflict between the father and the son in this story. It deals with different values held by the first and second generation immigrants. A day everything turns upside down, he sold all his stuff, broke up with his girlfriend and eventually drops out of school. Parvez gets worried and decides to sit down with his son, Ali tells him that he has become a Muslim and says that is the right decision in life. Parts become mad because he wants him to be as English as possible. In the end, Parvez hit Ali.

Both stories are very similar, they are showing us how it is to grow up in a culture with rules, but in a different place, you are living in with other values. In both of the stories, the father-son relationship is horrible; both struggle to get accepted by their father for their identities. In the end, the sons get slapped, and that is child abuse. In the story “Free for all” the son report his father, and not everybody would do that. Multiculturalism is something challenging for someone but also meaningful. It is multiculturalism because both families have several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society.